Aberdaron Holiday Cottages

Aberdaron, known as the Lands End of Wales, is located right on the tip of the Llŷn Penisula, across the water from Bardsey Island. Our Aberdaron holiday cottages are surrounded by the beautiful North Wales coastline, a rich Celtic history and heaps to see and do.

Aberdaron holiday cottages are in one of the most beautiful spots on the famously gorgeous Llyn Peninsula. Many of the Aberdaron holiday cottages we offer are just a five minutes walk from some of the most stunning sandy beaches in the entire country. Ideally situated minutes from coves, cliffs and breath-taking coastal paths, staying in Aberdaron is a truly stunning experience which removes you completely from the concrete jungle of stressful city life. In fact the air youll breathe at our 4 & 5*Aberdaron holiday cottages is so clean that Aberdaron is one of the few places in the whole of the UK where golden hair lichen (a lichen that is highly sensitive to pollution) grows wild. 

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